Sunday, March 4, 2012

On A Holiday

Hello Boys & Girls! It's been long long time~ I went on a holiday~from blogging.

I've stopped writing for sometime, reason because I don't know if there are actually people reading or weird Internet bots are just being directed here by blogger. Anyways I'm back, hopefully for a longer period as long as I'm not writing for invisible people. I remember the first time when I started blogging was because it was the rage back then and almost everyone has one. Now I write most of my stuffs on Twitter, I really hate writing there because it's hard to get the message across especially when you know certain retards are bound to misread it.

A good example was this faceless person, I assume she's a Muslim for obvious reasons and also her obese Chinese sidekick.

My tweet was bluntly addressing the JEREMY LIN "LINSANITY" issue about ASIAN PRIDE.  As a big fan of basketball I follow NBA news closely and for some reason I can't stand J.Lin and YES I AM CHINESE like him but I still don't like him. My favorite baller is Kobe Bryant.

Moving on~ I wrote something along the line like "What's all this Linsanity & his Asian Pride. It should be called Chinese pride because Asians consist of Indians, Muslims etc~ J.Lin has nothing to do with them. > That is a fact weather you like it or not. ( I wrote Muslims not because I don't know it is a religion but because I have many Malay supporters & do not wish to turn it into a racial issue. Problem that Indians don't react to the word Indians or Hindus like Malays do. No hating nor racist, just through experience I was more careful. My statement was just my way of saying they are using the Asian pride wrongly. If you didn't read the above carefully,  I AM NOT A FAN OF J.LIN.

Then I got this rude comment saying I lived in a cave and I'm stupid for not knowing Muslim is a religion. LMFAO!!!!!! Girl Firstly I believe I have higher education than you do and probably know 100x more than your monkey brain can ever absorb in 10 of your lifetimes. You don't even dare reveal your identity. Are you half man half woman? Half ape half frog? Who the fuck knows. Get an identity before you expect people to entertain you.

While I avoided a childish scuffle with an unknown individual, this hippo came along and commented I was too stupid to reply her therefore I'm using some glamorous excuse not to. THAT MISS PIGGY. YOU HAVE DUG YOUR OWN FUCKING GRAVE.  I will give you a piece of my mind + seasoning so you can grill your fat ass till you get ripped.

To cut the story short. Miss sensitive minded her own business ( at least that's what I imagined )  Miss piggy made her account private and still following me on Twitter today.

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