Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Magical Ride

Every year I would dedicate a song to my friends.
This year I would like to dedicate to the people that gave me undying support throughout the past few years, you know who you guys are  :)  It was a magical one. Thank you everyone!!!!! xoxoxo

My Best Friend & Bassist Valrel.
In case you're wondering...

He's a guy.


Straighter than an arrow.

Straighter than a ruler.

Straighter than ~ OK you get my point.

It's true.
Back in the days I used to wear converse shoes
just because they had very flat soles and I would
seem shorter. Now I don't really care anymore
though I get regular comments that I am a giant
or I am huge -_- I should move to the west.


Yamaha MOX8 is an amazing keyboard.  I can do so much with it.
I am going to get MOX6 when my pay comes in :P~

The only difference between MOX8 and MOX6 is the number of keys.

Check it out.

I've also gotten my Jersey stocks :)


It's big and comfy.

D Rose mesh edition.

Haven't had the time to blog much due to my hectic schedules.
Will try to update more :)
Please give me a million dollars~ *blink blink

Till next time!!! Seeya!




나니 said...

Woah, you're quite attractive. lol@ the hat thing. T_T I'm really short.

Mary Ann Abdulah said...

Helo Kei :) Ive been reading your blog alot, its just now that ive finally commmented since it was never my thing. Well you've posted that its mind bubling who ever reads your blog but i am one of them. May be i'm actually an avid one. Ive been following you since on your xanga. And perhaps to answer your question more of why we read your entries, its merely because the words you write down are honest. Its something that covers up what some bloggers doesn't have. Whenever i sit in front of my laptop at the end of the day i'm always up to absorbing anything real. And your one of my providers. So.. me and your other readers would love to get more into your labyrinth brain.

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