Saturday, December 10, 2011

I don't know why but I grew.

Hello people :)  I'm back from the land of busyness and I have an hour to write some shit before i pass out for the day. 


Vita means Life in Latin for those who are wonderin'

JPN December 17, 2011[1]
HKG December 22, 2011[2]

TWN December 23, 2011[3]

EU February 22, 2012[4]

It will be cool to carry out your handheld consoles again!  Gone are the days where you will look dated holding a PSP in the train or bus.


Which color do you like?  I'm getting the Black, Red or Pink or Blue. :P

This is the UI which means User Interface.  Not so impressed... Don't like the bubbles which I felt is trying to have the effect of phone apps.  Please keep it square. Somehow the UI looks rather cheap.  They should fire their designer lol.

What is a screen without touch screen capabilities?  Even the back of the system has touch capabilities too.  Maybe they are going to come up with perverted games. Hmm...

As you can see it looks rather similar to the PSP.   Doesn't look that impressive either but PSP wasn't that bad for a start.  It is thicker if you look at it in real life and the screen is much bigger not to mention graphics that are just as good as a PS3. I can already imagine how big the game file would be.  This might help with piracy issues.

I don't know what the game is but I like it already.

Check out the graphics. Nice~

Game Box Art looks good too. Love the blue.

The little game cartridge is called Vita Media Card. Similar to the DS cartridge.

The biggest question is how much is it?

It will cost $249 USD for the Wi-Fi version and $299 USD for the 3G version 

$320SGD  and $386 SGD respectively.

for more information on PS VITA





The above text has no link to what I'm about to write.  Just wanted to see how many bothered to translate it.  You have wasted a minute of your life.   I congratulate those that skipped pass that chunk of cheese.  You have passed the first test.

Are you still here?

OK on to what's important.

I have an announcement to make....

My NBA Jerseys have ARRIVED!!!! OMG!!! ^ ^"
I couldn't make up my mind on which is my favorite team so I got all 3.

Chicago Bulls - Derrick Rose 1. 
Los Angeles Lakers - Kobe Bryant 24. 
Miami Heat - Dwyane Wade 3

This is my favorite of the 3!!! The texture is silky smooth and the collar is sexy!

As you can see the black jersey is a perfect fit for my shoes!  Sadly I can only parade it at home because I'll look like a silly fan boy if i wore them on the court. 

I was wondering how thick the soles of my shoes are so I went to measure my height and I realized that I grew 1cm taller ... I used to be 180cm ( 5"11) Now I am 181cm.  I measure my height every year and that sucks because everyone in Singapore are really short and I hate sticking out too much and thanks to these pair of shoes, it adds 4cm to my total height of 185cm ( 6"1 ).  O M F G.....Fortunately I have put on some weight.  Maybe I should go pump some iron and go for a muscular lean look.  Ya. I probably should. OK I have just made up my mind.

I have unlocked my twitter so for those without a twitter account can read it.  You can also see it on the <<<<< Left panel of the page.  Do not expect post to be Sunshine and butterflies.  They are mostly made up of random thoughts that might or might not relate to anyone.  If you are easily offended please go read a children story book instead. OK? :)

Till we meet again.


Anonymous said...

nice idea, thanks for sharing...

priscilla said...

The red and blue one looks chio!!

Jadey's said...

"If you are easily offended please go read a children story book instead."

Totally love the above sentence! Lol. Nice one^^

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