Sunday, November 13, 2011

How much does your friendship cost?

Whenever someone tells me he/she is broke when we're already outside, are they expecting me to pay for their entertainment?  It might not be a large amount of money, it could be from $10 - $40 but just imagine if I did this for 10 times it would be $400. That's as good as buying them an air ticket to a 3rd world of their choice.  Never fails to make me wonder each time I had to chip in a little more just to get things moving.

But~ When there are free loaders roaming your circle there are also true friends that would do the same for you as you would do for them I refer to them as 'bros' since friends' is just a overused word or maybe I'm just looking to much into a simple friendship.

A good reason why I eventually made up my mind to open this blog is that putting my thoughts across on FB is rather difficult. It's hard to describe something or discuss about it without letting spam push your status down. They should have an archive system! How else am I able to view my birthday wishes a year ago without clicking on the load more button a thousand times. I believe some of you actually did that just to find a particular post. So here I am in my own personal space where I control what Is right or wrong.

Most people keep their blogs alive by spamming pictures of themselves, food and cosmetics. No wrong with that. Just tyring to point out the obvious.

I remember there were these few incidents related to my old blog in xanga. These few people actually thought I was talking about them and started making fuss out of it. Point is.  I DO NOT KNOW THEM! Crazy but who can blame them for being immature and oversensitive. Now we all know why people have disclaimers placed before anything else.


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✘✗✘ R●wie P●p ベリー♚ said...

Are you talking about me????? lol! JK... actually...I am one of those who likes to spam my blog with pictures.. and yes.. I may ... a few times had you pitch in more for my meals -__________-" lol!! butttt I knowwwwww that you did it with enthusiasm!!! lol lol~ Ok I got u back next time. Still got some allowances that I owe you.

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