Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What is life?

I got up really early today about 646am to rush out some final adjustments to my works before I send it out to the clients.  It was a success and I just got a call from them telling me that they loved it :)   It's a great satisfaction when the general public appreciates your work.  I'm not gonna say hard work because hard work can be garbage too.  I often hear people saying " HEY! We really appreciate all your hard work!" But when I look at it, I was like ~ HOLY CRAP!"  I'm not trying to be an asshole but ya I do appreciate peoples initiative and effort which is more about the respect & impression on each other rather than the end product.  Though things are always unfair.  A person can be lazy yet he gets the job done well. 

So I  went out to grab some food and drinks to fuel me for the day then I saw this written on the packaging of the drink.

"So there you are deep in dreamland, about to step on stage to perform your band's latest 17x platinum mega hit for kajillions of screaming fans. When suddenly your alarm goes off and it's back to reality.  yeah, waking up sucks. but instead of just lying there reminiscing about taking "the ice kachangs" (Ice balls with syrup) on tour, get up out of the bed and get this down you. every gulp has magnesium and vitamin c to help you get set for the big, bright brilliant day ahead."

 Glaceau Vitamin Water

Besides not having capital letters after their full stops, It kinda made my day.  A day has only 24hours which you spend about 8 hours sleeping, 2 hours travelling, 1 hour eating and 1 hour preparing which only leaves you 12 hours to get things done.  I often find myself uncontrollably working for 20hours straight without rest only to find myself feeling really sick at the end of it...sometimes I don't even eat and get so engrossed doing what I'm doing.  I know it's unhealthy:X  I find snacks and drinks along the way and take 10 min breaks when It gets too intense.

Life's good and peaceful when you are ruthless towards feelings.  If you face an unsolvable situation just fuck it and move on.  If it is a person, block, delete or whatever you need to get him/her out of you life COMPLETELY.  It would probably be difficult to at the start but after doing it a few times you'll get used to it and won't hesitate on just axing people out of your life.  There are tons of humans for you to socialize with.  Don't waste your time on undeserving people.  But of course if you can salvage anything with a history it would be good but weigh it out if it'll benefit you in the future.  This goes the same for jobs too.  Be RUTHLESS! Be Untouchable and you will find your peace.

People often ask me.

Kei, can you tell me what is life about?

1 word. Happiness.

If you are happy doing anything, being anything. You are living your life well. There is no point in living if you are in misery.  You're better off dead seriously.  People are strange for a start and you'll find happiness in every corner possible though there might be troubles in your life, family, financial, relationships so remember that the key is happiness. If you're happy being stupid, please do and do it well! If you're happy being an asshole, do that too!  As long as your conscience is clear :)

I don't think I can explain myself any clearer. So boys and girls.

Live fast, Live hard & Live to be happy!

God Bless

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✘✗✘ R●wie P●p ベリー♚ said...

Commenting again since im such a good bff lol!! Anyway human nature always want more and more thus noyone is really happy. They have to deal with scarcity in their everyday lives.. Things must be sacrificed for another depending on their level of judgements. I guess in a way to know that one is happy, one must also face unhappiness or else the feeling of excitement is voided. And of. Course others have better luck than others.. But you're right. Everyone seeks comfort and happiness. That is why many act solely on impulses without reflecting on the latter consequences. Thats why ppl make dumb mistakes. Thats the way of life and i guess to b living in comfort you must try to get rid of all ur unhappiness so the level of happiness outbalances the other. Sad to say , it is easier said than done :(

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