Friday, November 25, 2011

Thinking beyond our knowledge

It is mind boggling on who actually reads what I write.
What makes you come back to this pictureless page of words and crazy thoughts.
I have actually decided to start blogging again for one of the few reasons that some people told me I have interesting perspective on things. For that I shall let you peak into my curious state of mind.

I am not really good with words and my English is borderline~ not to mention my mandarin sucks too... and I do not know sign languages. Ironically I have to sing in mandarin all the time :/

I have very little free time so I usually type and type without editing much. So if you read any bad grammar or stuffs that doesn't make sense. I'm sorry. Let's move on to the topic of the day!

How to unlock the full potential of your brain.

Does she spin left or right?

As we all have heard somewhere or some point that we only use 10% of our human brain. That in my opinion is untrue. It is a myth. People that suffered head injuries to any part of the brain will result in some form of impairment or disability. And if your brain functions all at once you will most likely get into a seizure. That's when people start rolling on the floor and go into a trance like state. Maybe that's how you'll end up looking if you managed to unlock your entire brains function. LOL!

I believe that curiosity is the key to the human brain evolution. The more you increase your potential the higher your offspring will benifit from your bloodline. Bloodline strengths are known to be real. Some call it DNA. Just look at the Indians, why are most of them good in math? Why are the blacks mostly muscular? Why are the North Koreans erm... So North Korean like? And why are there more Laziness found in certain breeds? They have brought their current brain powers or weakness to the next generarion.

I think the correct way to look at it is. We can only use 10% of our brain at a time, but we still have access to a 100% of our brain.

The brain functions like the muscles of our body. If you use it often you get muscle memory, strength and dexterity. If you stop using it, chances are you'll turn into a slob. Back in my teens I used to be really carefree and yes you guessed it I don't like studying. I couldn't remember anything when I studied and it could only get worse. Right after I finished schooling I went into depression that made me think a lot about matters which in turn gave my brain a good workout. Day and night I was always in deep thought about God knows what rubbish back then, but I have to say it fired up my entire brain and ever since then I've had this great appetite for learning and working my brain doesn't seem to take as much effort as before.

I used to stammer because I couldn't find the right words... I still stammer because my brain wants to say 10 words a sec now. Fated...

Anyways It is a great feeling to be able to think above your usual self. You will notice you're able to process information subconsciously. Maybe this is how civilizations will evolve by passing your bloodline and genes to your children and under the right conditions, they will be able to double the potential of what our human brains are capable of.

But then again, I'm plagued by incompetent clueless irritants everyday that makes me wonder. Did we really evolve that much?

There are so many variations of races, skin colors and sizes of humans on earth. Do you really think we all started from an ape? There are so many theories and none of them are able to prove anything yet. Let me imagine for a moment... If our solar system is just 1 out of a billion other solar systems in our galaxy.... and there are another billion galaxies in the entire universe. Turn that into percentage and you'll understand we are not alone in this universe. We have barely even explored 0.00001% . If you want to talk about the bible or God, do you think God created a 637162837287382826372828637378383838 Empty planets? I don't think the bible has enough space to explain to us the complexity of the universe, we are just not ready to know beyond and understand ourselves first.

Some scientist believes that there are 20 types of humanoids in our galaxy alone and another 20 types more of reptilians. Let's just ignore the claims of "reptilians" for now. =__="

It is said that some humanoids have light brown skin... some white... some black...some yellow...some reddish O_O and of course there are the light blue skins. (AVATAR!!!)

I think he looks more like PAPA SMURF than AVATAR.

There were 3 types of ancient humans: 30,000-year-old fossils prove Neanderthals and modern humans were not the only species on Earth

Click here for article

The Denisovans were similar in looks to homo erectus, pictured, a species which dies out more than one million years ago

I wonder who gave then these gay names. "Homo & erectus... Probably some horny chic scientist or a gay scientist.

I imagine that earth was populated by a meteor crash that contained preserved DNA of certain humanoids which eventually went extinct and over the billions of years repeated it's cycle again which in our current time has brought a bunch of different humanoids together. The whites would be from a certain planet and blacks from another planet etc~~ It is just not possible that we all originated from the same ape and ended up having hairless children with different colors. Humans went extinct and miraculously appeared again! Earth must be a really popular place or a rubbish bin.

I shall stop here before this turns into a book.

I remembered wanting to be a scientist when I was 8yrs old only to get really demoralized when I had to remember equations and formulas. I shall stick to being a skeptic for now :)



✘✗✘ R●wie P●p ベリー♚ said...

Lol i posted up some manly apps! come onn! Hahaha anyway. Ur theory about humanoids..although may be logical in a sense but it is also perhaps too out of the box for our era to validate that claim. But who knows.. U might b right..for now we can only sit back and let the scientists work their magic. Haha maybe in the nearest future will we find the answer. For now let hypotheseses roll in and get debuncted until there are no explanation left to prove the theory wrong... However many years it would take ..btw.. U can comment my blog now yay!! How so??

Kei Zhang 张汉利 said...

Cux I hacked into ur account lol!

Ya my theory might sound wild but it sounds more plausable than being decendants of an ape hehe.

✘✗✘ R●wie P●p ベリー♚ said...

I doubt u did pfff. But they dug up signs n hints towards the existence of evolutions. Think About megalodons or how reptilians had evolved. It sort if makes sense dont u think ?

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