Monday, November 21, 2011

Random thoughts.

Warning. Some topics are not suitable for people under 18.
It might be better if you grow up learning things from your own experience and believing me might affect your views on life. I might be wrong in my writings so just take it with a pinch of salt or some form of entertainment.

The calmness and cool weather of the mornings.

K The above picture has nothing to do with anything that I'm gonna talk about. I know it's painful to read too many words so let me ease your eyes before I start.

Speaking from the heart might be a good thing but not everyone is ready to know the truth. Most people live a lie. Telling themselves that things are going to get good someday and at the same time not doing anything much about it. It's getting really really unbearable and it has come to a point that I have decided not to tolerate anymore. Isn't it weird to tell anyone " you know your breath fucking stinks and I really cannot take it...I do not want to share a drink with you or stand too close to you." <  Just an example. Therefore I write.... Hopefully people that read my stuffs will have better awareness of themselves because they are too busy being selfish and not thinking how they affect others. I might be talking about you. I might not. Most of the time I write through experiences and if it does sound like you, I'm sorry~ but that's how I feel. There's a difference flamin', bitchin' or backstabbin' and speaking my mind. If you called and ask me now. Hey are you talking about me? Did I do something wrong. I'll gladly tell you straight in the face. THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE. Is it wrong to talk about something you are unhappy about? Are we supposed to keep everything inside and just let things pass?  Some people are just better at sucking it up and pretending nothing happened.  For me. I'm not good at acting.

Let me continue...

I've been working non-stop even on weekends for the past 3 weeks and I've hardly had anytime for myself or my hobbies that I decided to head out for some quick shopping.
These are what I bought :)

Nike Limited Edition Lebron 9 Basketball Shoes.

The first time I saw this online I said to myself this is so awesome! I have to get it and FINALLY!!! :P~ I can't tell you how happy I am now. HEHE :X
I really can't bear to wear it, I'll probably keep it and buy a glass case to display it. Maybe I should buy a pair for display and a pair to wear out? Everyone's saying that the sole will fall out. Hmm...

UNCHARTED 3 - exclusive PS3 Game

Those that have not tried Uncharted, pick this title up. You'll not regret it.
It is rated 10/10 by IGN and fully utilizes the Blue ray capabilities of the PS3. Sorry Xbox fans...

I realized that a majority, maybe even 99% of humans lust over other people that don't belong to them? For example, If you have a bf/gf for a year they'll probably be more turned on imagining another person even if they're uglier. Beauty doesn't mean that he'll stay faithful forever and being nice doesn't guarantee anything either. It's just a human instinct, sad to say. Just like it is an instinct for animals to want to reproduce. We are animals after all~ It is in our genome. Like how certain people have certain traits because of their bloodline. Well, it's in our bloodline to reproduce ever since God decided to give us our reproduction organs and that's what everyone is doing regardless of age. Why do you think men are always cheating, fucking around?  Thanks to the introduction of the Internet and social networks, girls are catching up.
Shall not turn this into a sex talk. But what do you think your husband or wife will be thinking while you guys are fucking after being married for a numbing period of time? Of course not all people are like that. There are a few that might not have been exposed to the pollution of this stinking lifestyle. They probably lead a very simple life. I know of a few like this and I'm terribly envious of them.

I've been wondering ever since I read an article about human lifespan. It is said that chemicals, fertilizers, water, pollution and lifestyle are the main cause of the great reduction in human lifespan. Then I thought about the tribesmen living in untouched areas of the African jungle?  They don't use artificial fertilizers?  And their lifestyles are certainly considered healthy too. They don't breath the dirty air we live in everyday and they don't eat the shit that are sold in fast food joints. Only reason I can think of are their free flow of weed...(natural drugs) but I doubt so too.  So I turned towards biblical history and realized that It was mentioned that God shortened the lifespan of humans from 1000yrs to 100yrs.  Somehow the average age of a human in this era has dropped to 60yrs. From my calculations humans living in 2040 would only live up to 30yrs old. I'm sure there are many other aspects that made us the way we are today.  Stuffs like living a fast life, stress or maybe even our mindset?  If a kid was brought up to think that humans could live up to 300 years old, he might just live a little bit longer.

What is money? Money is almost everything. Sorry to those who try to "special". If you owned an iPhone or just bought something pretty for yourself. YOU'RE SUPERFICIAL! I think I wrote about this sometime ago in my previous blog.  Money cures sickness, cures sadness, cures boredom, cures almost everything. I'm not a superficial or a shallow freak, It's just the way it is.  If your loved ones became terminally ill that needs an expensive surgery and you do not have any money.  If you're so sad and you wanted to buy something to cheer yourself up. If you're happy and you wanted to share your happiness with your friends. You can't. But you can do something without money. You could find some seeds and start planting them for food. You could probably stop using the internet because that needs money too. You could take your family to a holiday in the park while the more fortunate flies to somewhere exotic.  I'm not rich nor am I poor but It doesn't take much to imagine what happens if you are.

I'm sleepy already. Nights!

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Im superficial cuz i just bought i phone wahahaha. Anyway...dont see anything wrong with this post. I totally agree with u :)

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