Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rain Rain Rain

I don't know why but many people seemed to like this post i posted on twitter.

So true....

Days been getting tight. These are what's been happening






OK Surely you're not here to read me grumble about work.  :P 
I have so much to say but I shall be nice today because I bought a new game :)

I read the reviews and was excited to get this game as I'm a fan of wrestling.  Somehow it doesn't seem to be as fun as I expected it to be, because of all the hype about the game and stuffs.  Still I played it for many hours and created my own characters which was one of the few reasons I got it.  To create myself and beat the shit out of my opponents.  It's a real stress reliever.

Randy Orton is like a boss!

Stone Cold Steve Austin is why WWE "WAS" Awesome.

Let the bodies hit the floor.

The Rock is back.


Besides WWE 12, I'm still playing my all time favorite game - NBA 2K12 and I finally made it to the cover of 2K13.  The guy in the game is supposed to be me though many people said it doesn't look like me :(   Games are always more fun when you play yourself. 

I can't remember the name of this dish but I remember the no. CM4

When I walked pass the shop I swore I saw something was starring at me.

My dad always ask me why do I have these soft toys.  LOL.  OK I don't hug them -__-  I don't play with them but I like to see soft cushions with cute little faces laying around my room so it will diffuse the harshness of my samurai swords, guns, guitars and wrestling figures.  I'm just happy looking at them even if it lays at the corner of my room :)

Say hi to my old friend :)

It's about time to say goodbye my friend.

Singapore weather is really fucked up.  Whenever I want to go for a ride It rains and when I'm too lazy to ride it is always nice cool weather.  I think I can start predicting or controlling weather just by wanting to ride.

Besides these I've managed to write a few songs that I'm quite satisfied with.  Will upload previews soon ^^



Shinya_Lei said...

Bro..The name of your CM4 is called Tori Maru Cheese Wazen.

яιуσкι ♪ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
яιуσкι ♪ said...

Oh pictures from your motorbike *-*
I love it, it looks awesome ♥
I like the color x3
And~ Rilakkuma is really cute.
In Germany, it doesn't exist so a shop with many things from it Q,Q

Kei Zhang 张汉利 said...

@riyoki thanks :) im gonna sell it away soon.

I guess you'll have to shop online ? Hehe

яιуσкι ♪ said...

What? Why do you sell it? :/
I think you love it to ride. It's why the weather is so bad? x) Do you buy a new motorbike? (Oh~ questins over questions lol)

Yes~ Online Shop is the only way to buy the really cute things. But many Shops don't ship to Germany.

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