Monday, November 14, 2011

Hello I just wanted you to know. I Know.

I am unfortunately cursed with an extremely acute sense for bullshit. Trust me it sucks to see shit ever corner you look... It seems like whenever I turn my head I see shit. I identify it so easily that it's starting to take over my life. I struggle really hard to ignore them but it just gets more prominent everyday. It's like forced training. The more you realize the better you get at identifying it. There's this saying that dumb people have dumb luck. Which also means you live a happier carefree life. Free from crap. This is definitely not what I signed up for.

I tried to have a decent conversation with a fellow musician and he craps about how music is to be done and how talented people around him are. I guess he forgot that I too know those people and most of them happen to be slackers.

I went to a camera store down town and the salesman started shitting all over me. Even when my designer proposes his designs he shits all over meeting. All I'm saying is it really necessary to make up all these invisible crap?

Just like someone who keeps telling me he's broke but the next thing I know he goes for a holiday. Oh well~ His holiday was probably spooned by some friendless pedo that gave up his life's work for some badmouthing whore. Don't hate on me if it sounds like you. That only means my description is perfect.

So before you start talking to me, remember, I know you know that you know I know. Cut the crap and straight to the point.Tired of candy coating my words. Tired of being nice to undeserving people. But never tired of treating the sincere better.

All straight men are wolves. Hell with that! EVEN GAYS are wolves! Ever received a random message from a stranger online? " Hi just wanted to know you you're really pretty, and I've liked you for sometime already." How desperate can men be? Ok sometimes my profile pictures in FB can get a little misleading~ still! For the love of God! I'm a guy and please fucking do some research before you drop your little love letter. Point is every guy does this and yea I used to do that when I was a kid~ but thank God I've passed that needy phase. It's okay if you grow out of it. But to most...They're always just looking around for a cheap pray to fuck. Blunt as it is. Men are just out to fuck women. Like it or not. Sad or not. It is TRUE. Fuck Love at first sight. It's better described as Lust at first sight. For all you know, girls probably loved all the attention these guys are giving them. Vicious Cycle. Which brings me to the topic "Every girl needs attention". Shall not touch on the obvious. Shall end now before every word I use starts with a F and ends with a K.

Every human has a price.
Disagree or agree.
Eventually you'll know how much you're worth.

Sorry for a no holds barred post.
Be Straight forward or be gay forward.

Side note: I know how irritating certain music gets when it keeps playing over and over each time u visit my page. If it gets annoying feel free to drop me a msg and let me know which ones are getting on your nerves I'll remove it if i get too many complains. Yes... even if it's my own song. No offence. Promise!



James Eng said...

haha Everything you said on this post is so true! It's great to hear that someone that I know still speak his mind and be upfront with his words. Coodles to you my friend! btw, yes I have to agree with you on the gay part!! haha I do get those gay men hollaring at me on FACEBOOK every once in a while.. lol haha I am a real man with a girl fiance lol. So DUDES please stop trying to holla at your own gender! lol

Kei Zhang 张汉利 said...

Woah sounds like you had an encounter too! ^^V Interesting!

Chikuda Cho said...

Hello, will your band be releasing an album/single/music??? I wanna get one! support local musicians! \m/

Kei Zhang 张汉利 said...

@Chikuda Cho Hey Thanks! There will be a release soon but it is a single for I Don't Care. For the other songs we're still hanging on to it as we wish to release more songs together with it :) When I have recieved the stocks I will post it up here ^^

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