Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Have you met someone?

Have u met someone that didn't know how to change a light bulb, ended up crushing the light bulb with his bare hands and started screaming like he's gonna die?

Have u met someone that sat on his hands while he takes a dump in a public toilet because the seat is too dirty? Reason was he could wash his hands but not his ass so....

Have you met someone that got his pants soiled with someone else's shit while trying to pee in a toilet cubical? Really nasty...

Have u met someone that gave up a few of his friends because of a girl? It's true, there are people like that.

Have u met someone so stupid you couldn't carry a decent conversation with her?

Have u met someone that is so friendly that his/her friendship worth nothing more than a new stranger he/she just met?

Have u met someone that didn't wash his own plates because he doesn't know how to? It would be okay if he was lazy but not knowing how to wash? That's wild.

Have u met someone that you wish you could send to an island filled with naked tribal village people? So he could find a mate that fits him better?

Have u met someone that took a picture of his dick and accidentally sending it to some female friends?

Have u met someone that betrayed his friends for fame and money?

Have u met someone so fucking smelly that you rather stop breathing and die than to sit next to them?

Have u met someone with a room that is so hot and smells like 1000 salty fishes wrapped in soggy socks that he wore without washing for a year?

Have u met someone that just broke up with their bf/gf and was so determined to leave the country for good or a long holiday but ended up doing nothing because they realized they were being stupid after they recovered from their heartbreak?

Have u met someone that made you read so many lines of "Have you met" and you don't even know why you're reading it?

I have.....story of my life.

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Kurumi said...

The second one... Good idea, I think I'm goin to try that next time...

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