Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Behind the music

When you discuss something with people in person. No one seems to understand because they're all busy trying to get their shit across to you. So let me type it out here.

Singapore's music future is bleak. I know there are loads of optimistic people who'll not agree with this statement. Still we occasionally hear people talking like they are going to be some megastar just because they performed in some supposedly profound gig, yet they are still no where to be seen or heard. I know SG has music prodigies like JJ Lin and Stef Sun which have been around for too long (Sorry for my lack of examples, not much to refer to). For the past decade I've witness many musicians give up their dreams over and over again. Sure there are a few still hanging on tightly to what they believe in but seriously look at how sad the music scene is in SG. Basically SG is a country with too many languages. English is our 1st language and only a handful will take their mother tongue as their 1st language. Even so how can our Mandarin compare to the Mandarin that the Taiwanese and Chinese in China use? They use it everyday when they eat, sleep, shit, mate and whatever~ everything is in Chinese. Even when english is our first language, we still suck. I cringe each time I listen to a Singaporean trying to speak proper english. If you speak Singlish you're typical~ If you try to speak with an accent you're trying to act like something you're not. Please all of us know how local people sound like and obviously your fake american/british accent is as fake as Pamela Anderson's Boobs. Okay I realize this post is going to bore a lot of people and especially those who don't live in Singapore.

What gigs are you all performing? 1 man company organizing 3rd rate gigs trying to earn a fast buck out of your fans. These little companies are always looking for volunteers. Wringing these little young suckers of their mini talents all in the name for passion and music. Wishful thinking you can get much out of it but you can't blame these enthusiasts, after all it is the energy and hopefulness of the young that cunning old organizers need. So far~ the sound system for most gigs sucked. Lighting sucked. Stage sucked. Awareness sucked. Crowd? Most of the crowd are just passers-by and ~ maybe 5-10 loyal fans which will eventually grow tired of your small time gigs and end up moving on to something greater. I know I know~ there are many great bands/ musicians out there and everyone has to start somewhere. TRUE. So what happened to all the promising talents that I've seen over the past decade? They woke up.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not giving up. I'm not hanging on. I'll still be doing my thing. Just trying to shed some light.

Do not blame the system, Do not blame the culture. Just listen to the materials and quality of the local musicians out there and you'll know what I'm talking about. It's just a pain to listen to these songs on the radio. Before you misinterpret what I'm sayin'. All I wanna say is Buck up! Stop having musical fantasies and slacking your ass off. Talk with your music rather than your mouth. Spend a little less time on retarded forums discussing shit and start putting your entire life into what you want. Stop trying to earn money just for your little pleasures that will throw you off track eventually. Focus and Fight like it is your life!!!!!!!

Sadly this fight is a lonely one.

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Falcon Diaries said...

I think this is by far the honest entry I read. Blunt entry but it is true.

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