Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rain Rain Rain

I don't know why but many people seemed to like this post i posted on twitter.

So true....

Days been getting tight. These are what's been happening






OK Surely you're not here to read me grumble about work.  :P 
I have so much to say but I shall be nice today because I bought a new game :)

I read the reviews and was excited to get this game as I'm a fan of wrestling.  Somehow it doesn't seem to be as fun as I expected it to be, because of all the hype about the game and stuffs.  Still I played it for many hours and created my own characters which was one of the few reasons I got it.  To create myself and beat the shit out of my opponents.  It's a real stress reliever.

Randy Orton is like a boss!

Stone Cold Steve Austin is why WWE "WAS" Awesome.

Let the bodies hit the floor.

The Rock is back.


Besides WWE 12, I'm still playing my all time favorite game - NBA 2K12 and I finally made it to the cover of 2K13.  The guy in the game is supposed to be me though many people said it doesn't look like me :(   Games are always more fun when you play yourself. 

I can't remember the name of this dish but I remember the no. CM4

When I walked pass the shop I swore I saw something was starring at me.

My dad always ask me why do I have these soft toys.  LOL.  OK I don't hug them -__-  I don't play with them but I like to see soft cushions with cute little faces laying around my room so it will diffuse the harshness of my samurai swords, guns, guitars and wrestling figures.  I'm just happy looking at them even if it lays at the corner of my room :)

Say hi to my old friend :)

It's about time to say goodbye my friend.

Singapore weather is really fucked up.  Whenever I want to go for a ride It rains and when I'm too lazy to ride it is always nice cool weather.  I think I can start predicting or controlling weather just by wanting to ride.

Besides these I've managed to write a few songs that I'm quite satisfied with.  Will upload previews soon ^^


Friday, November 25, 2011

Thinking beyond our knowledge

It is mind boggling on who actually reads what I write.
What makes you come back to this pictureless page of words and crazy thoughts.
I have actually decided to start blogging again for one of the few reasons that some people told me I have interesting perspective on things. For that I shall let you peak into my curious state of mind.

I am not really good with words and my English is borderline~ not to mention my mandarin sucks too... and I do not know sign languages. Ironically I have to sing in mandarin all the time :/

I have very little free time so I usually type and type without editing much. So if you read any bad grammar or stuffs that doesn't make sense. I'm sorry. Let's move on to the topic of the day!

How to unlock the full potential of your brain.

Does she spin left or right?

As we all have heard somewhere or some point that we only use 10% of our human brain. That in my opinion is untrue. It is a myth. People that suffered head injuries to any part of the brain will result in some form of impairment or disability. And if your brain functions all at once you will most likely get into a seizure. That's when people start rolling on the floor and go into a trance like state. Maybe that's how you'll end up looking if you managed to unlock your entire brains function. LOL!

I believe that curiosity is the key to the human brain evolution. The more you increase your potential the higher your offspring will benifit from your bloodline. Bloodline strengths are known to be real. Some call it DNA. Just look at the Indians, why are most of them good in math? Why are the blacks mostly muscular? Why are the North Koreans erm... So North Korean like? And why are there more Laziness found in certain breeds? They have brought their current brain powers or weakness to the next generarion.

I think the correct way to look at it is. We can only use 10% of our brain at a time, but we still have access to a 100% of our brain.

The brain functions like the muscles of our body. If you use it often you get muscle memory, strength and dexterity. If you stop using it, chances are you'll turn into a slob. Back in my teens I used to be really carefree and yes you guessed it I don't like studying. I couldn't remember anything when I studied and it could only get worse. Right after I finished schooling I went into depression that made me think a lot about matters which in turn gave my brain a good workout. Day and night I was always in deep thought about God knows what rubbish back then, but I have to say it fired up my entire brain and ever since then I've had this great appetite for learning and working my brain doesn't seem to take as much effort as before.

I used to stammer because I couldn't find the right words... I still stammer because my brain wants to say 10 words a sec now. Fated...

Anyways It is a great feeling to be able to think above your usual self. You will notice you're able to process information subconsciously. Maybe this is how civilizations will evolve by passing your bloodline and genes to your children and under the right conditions, they will be able to double the potential of what our human brains are capable of.

But then again, I'm plagued by incompetent clueless irritants everyday that makes me wonder. Did we really evolve that much?

There are so many variations of races, skin colors and sizes of humans on earth. Do you really think we all started from an ape? There are so many theories and none of them are able to prove anything yet. Let me imagine for a moment... If our solar system is just 1 out of a billion other solar systems in our galaxy.... and there are another billion galaxies in the entire universe. Turn that into percentage and you'll understand we are not alone in this universe. We have barely even explored 0.00001% . If you want to talk about the bible or God, do you think God created a 637162837287382826372828637378383838 Empty planets? I don't think the bible has enough space to explain to us the complexity of the universe, we are just not ready to know beyond and understand ourselves first.

Some scientist believes that there are 20 types of humanoids in our galaxy alone and another 20 types more of reptilians. Let's just ignore the claims of "reptilians" for now. =__="

It is said that some humanoids have light brown skin... some white... some black...some yellow...some reddish O_O and of course there are the light blue skins. (AVATAR!!!)

I think he looks more like PAPA SMURF than AVATAR.

There were 3 types of ancient humans: 30,000-year-old fossils prove Neanderthals and modern humans were not the only species on Earth

Click here for article

The Denisovans were similar in looks to homo erectus, pictured, a species which dies out more than one million years ago

I wonder who gave then these gay names. "Homo & erectus... Probably some horny chic scientist or a gay scientist.

I imagine that earth was populated by a meteor crash that contained preserved DNA of certain humanoids which eventually went extinct and over the billions of years repeated it's cycle again which in our current time has brought a bunch of different humanoids together. The whites would be from a certain planet and blacks from another planet etc~~ It is just not possible that we all originated from the same ape and ended up having hairless children with different colors. Humans went extinct and miraculously appeared again! Earth must be a really popular place or a rubbish bin.

I shall stop here before this turns into a book.

I remembered wanting to be a scientist when I was 8yrs old only to get really demoralized when I had to remember equations and formulas. I shall stick to being a skeptic for now :)


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What is life?

I got up really early today about 646am to rush out some final adjustments to my works before I send it out to the clients.  It was a success and I just got a call from them telling me that they loved it :)   It's a great satisfaction when the general public appreciates your work.  I'm not gonna say hard work because hard work can be garbage too.  I often hear people saying " HEY! We really appreciate all your hard work!" But when I look at it, I was like ~ HOLY CRAP!"  I'm not trying to be an asshole but ya I do appreciate peoples initiative and effort which is more about the respect & impression on each other rather than the end product.  Though things are always unfair.  A person can be lazy yet he gets the job done well. 

So I  went out to grab some food and drinks to fuel me for the day then I saw this written on the packaging of the drink.

"So there you are deep in dreamland, about to step on stage to perform your band's latest 17x platinum mega hit for kajillions of screaming fans. When suddenly your alarm goes off and it's back to reality.  yeah, waking up sucks. but instead of just lying there reminiscing about taking "the ice kachangs" (Ice balls with syrup) on tour, get up out of the bed and get this down you. every gulp has magnesium and vitamin c to help you get set for the big, bright brilliant day ahead."

 Glaceau Vitamin Water

Besides not having capital letters after their full stops, It kinda made my day.  A day has only 24hours which you spend about 8 hours sleeping, 2 hours travelling, 1 hour eating and 1 hour preparing which only leaves you 12 hours to get things done.  I often find myself uncontrollably working for 20hours straight without rest only to find myself feeling really sick at the end of it...sometimes I don't even eat and get so engrossed doing what I'm doing.  I know it's unhealthy:X  I find snacks and drinks along the way and take 10 min breaks when It gets too intense.

Life's good and peaceful when you are ruthless towards feelings.  If you face an unsolvable situation just fuck it and move on.  If it is a person, block, delete or whatever you need to get him/her out of you life COMPLETELY.  It would probably be difficult to at the start but after doing it a few times you'll get used to it and won't hesitate on just axing people out of your life.  There are tons of humans for you to socialize with.  Don't waste your time on undeserving people.  But of course if you can salvage anything with a history it would be good but weigh it out if it'll benefit you in the future.  This goes the same for jobs too.  Be RUTHLESS! Be Untouchable and you will find your peace.

People often ask me.

Kei, can you tell me what is life about?

1 word. Happiness.

If you are happy doing anything, being anything. You are living your life well. There is no point in living if you are in misery.  You're better off dead seriously.  People are strange for a start and you'll find happiness in every corner possible though there might be troubles in your life, family, financial, relationships so remember that the key is happiness. If you're happy being stupid, please do and do it well! If you're happy being an asshole, do that too!  As long as your conscience is clear :)

I don't think I can explain myself any clearer. So boys and girls.

Live fast, Live hard & Live to be happy!

God Bless

Monday, November 21, 2011

Random thoughts.

Warning. Some topics are not suitable for people under 18.
It might be better if you grow up learning things from your own experience and believing me might affect your views on life. I might be wrong in my writings so just take it with a pinch of salt or some form of entertainment.

The calmness and cool weather of the mornings.

K The above picture has nothing to do with anything that I'm gonna talk about. I know it's painful to read too many words so let me ease your eyes before I start.

Speaking from the heart might be a good thing but not everyone is ready to know the truth. Most people live a lie. Telling themselves that things are going to get good someday and at the same time not doing anything much about it. It's getting really really unbearable and it has come to a point that I have decided not to tolerate anymore. Isn't it weird to tell anyone " you know your breath fucking stinks and I really cannot take it...I do not want to share a drink with you or stand too close to you." <  Just an example. Therefore I write.... Hopefully people that read my stuffs will have better awareness of themselves because they are too busy being selfish and not thinking how they affect others. I might be talking about you. I might not. Most of the time I write through experiences and if it does sound like you, I'm sorry~ but that's how I feel. There's a difference flamin', bitchin' or backstabbin' and speaking my mind. If you called and ask me now. Hey are you talking about me? Did I do something wrong. I'll gladly tell you straight in the face. THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE. Is it wrong to talk about something you are unhappy about? Are we supposed to keep everything inside and just let things pass?  Some people are just better at sucking it up and pretending nothing happened.  For me. I'm not good at acting.

Let me continue...

I've been working non-stop even on weekends for the past 3 weeks and I've hardly had anytime for myself or my hobbies that I decided to head out for some quick shopping.
These are what I bought :)

Nike Limited Edition Lebron 9 Basketball Shoes.

The first time I saw this online I said to myself this is so awesome! I have to get it and FINALLY!!! :P~ I can't tell you how happy I am now. HEHE :X
I really can't bear to wear it, I'll probably keep it and buy a glass case to display it. Maybe I should buy a pair for display and a pair to wear out? Everyone's saying that the sole will fall out. Hmm...

UNCHARTED 3 - exclusive PS3 Game

Those that have not tried Uncharted, pick this title up. You'll not regret it.
It is rated 10/10 by IGN and fully utilizes the Blue ray capabilities of the PS3. Sorry Xbox fans...

I realized that a majority, maybe even 99% of humans lust over other people that don't belong to them? For example, If you have a bf/gf for a year they'll probably be more turned on imagining another person even if they're uglier. Beauty doesn't mean that he'll stay faithful forever and being nice doesn't guarantee anything either. It's just a human instinct, sad to say. Just like it is an instinct for animals to want to reproduce. We are animals after all~ It is in our genome. Like how certain people have certain traits because of their bloodline. Well, it's in our bloodline to reproduce ever since God decided to give us our reproduction organs and that's what everyone is doing regardless of age. Why do you think men are always cheating, fucking around?  Thanks to the introduction of the Internet and social networks, girls are catching up.
Shall not turn this into a sex talk. But what do you think your husband or wife will be thinking while you guys are fucking after being married for a numbing period of time? Of course not all people are like that. There are a few that might not have been exposed to the pollution of this stinking lifestyle. They probably lead a very simple life. I know of a few like this and I'm terribly envious of them.

I've been wondering ever since I read an article about human lifespan. It is said that chemicals, fertilizers, water, pollution and lifestyle are the main cause of the great reduction in human lifespan. Then I thought about the tribesmen living in untouched areas of the African jungle?  They don't use artificial fertilizers?  And their lifestyles are certainly considered healthy too. They don't breath the dirty air we live in everyday and they don't eat the shit that are sold in fast food joints. Only reason I can think of are their free flow of weed...(natural drugs) but I doubt so too.  So I turned towards biblical history and realized that It was mentioned that God shortened the lifespan of humans from 1000yrs to 100yrs.  Somehow the average age of a human in this era has dropped to 60yrs. From my calculations humans living in 2040 would only live up to 30yrs old. I'm sure there are many other aspects that made us the way we are today.  Stuffs like living a fast life, stress or maybe even our mindset?  If a kid was brought up to think that humans could live up to 300 years old, he might just live a little bit longer.

What is money? Money is almost everything. Sorry to those who try to "special". If you owned an iPhone or just bought something pretty for yourself. YOU'RE SUPERFICIAL! I think I wrote about this sometime ago in my previous blog.  Money cures sickness, cures sadness, cures boredom, cures almost everything. I'm not a superficial or a shallow freak, It's just the way it is.  If your loved ones became terminally ill that needs an expensive surgery and you do not have any money.  If you're so sad and you wanted to buy something to cheer yourself up. If you're happy and you wanted to share your happiness with your friends. You can't. But you can do something without money. You could find some seeds and start planting them for food. You could probably stop using the internet because that needs money too. You could take your family to a holiday in the park while the more fortunate flies to somewhere exotic.  I'm not rich nor am I poor but It doesn't take much to imagine what happens if you are.

I'm sleepy already. Nights!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Have you met someone?

Have u met someone that didn't know how to change a light bulb, ended up crushing the light bulb with his bare hands and started screaming like he's gonna die?

Have u met someone that sat on his hands while he takes a dump in a public toilet because the seat is too dirty? Reason was he could wash his hands but not his ass so....

Have you met someone that got his pants soiled with someone else's shit while trying to pee in a toilet cubical? Really nasty...

Have u met someone that gave up a few of his friends because of a girl? It's true, there are people like that.

Have u met someone so stupid you couldn't carry a decent conversation with her?

Have u met someone that is so friendly that his/her friendship worth nothing more than a new stranger he/she just met?

Have u met someone that didn't wash his own plates because he doesn't know how to? It would be okay if he was lazy but not knowing how to wash? That's wild.

Have u met someone that you wish you could send to an island filled with naked tribal village people? So he could find a mate that fits him better?

Have u met someone that took a picture of his dick and accidentally sending it to some female friends?

Have u met someone that betrayed his friends for fame and money?

Have u met someone so fucking smelly that you rather stop breathing and die than to sit next to them?

Have u met someone with a room that is so hot and smells like 1000 salty fishes wrapped in soggy socks that he wore without washing for a year?

Have u met someone that just broke up with their bf/gf and was so determined to leave the country for good or a long holiday but ended up doing nothing because they realized they were being stupid after they recovered from their heartbreak?

Have u met someone that made you read so many lines of "Have you met" and you don't even know why you're reading it?

I have.....story of my life.

Behind the music

When you discuss something with people in person. No one seems to understand because they're all busy trying to get their shit across to you. So let me type it out here.

Singapore's music future is bleak. I know there are loads of optimistic people who'll not agree with this statement. Still we occasionally hear people talking like they are going to be some megastar just because they performed in some supposedly profound gig, yet they are still no where to be seen or heard. I know SG has music prodigies like JJ Lin and Stef Sun which have been around for too long (Sorry for my lack of examples, not much to refer to). For the past decade I've witness many musicians give up their dreams over and over again. Sure there are a few still hanging on tightly to what they believe in but seriously look at how sad the music scene is in SG. Basically SG is a country with too many languages. English is our 1st language and only a handful will take their mother tongue as their 1st language. Even so how can our Mandarin compare to the Mandarin that the Taiwanese and Chinese in China use? They use it everyday when they eat, sleep, shit, mate and whatever~ everything is in Chinese. Even when english is our first language, we still suck. I cringe each time I listen to a Singaporean trying to speak proper english. If you speak Singlish you're typical~ If you try to speak with an accent you're trying to act like something you're not. Please all of us know how local people sound like and obviously your fake american/british accent is as fake as Pamela Anderson's Boobs. Okay I realize this post is going to bore a lot of people and especially those who don't live in Singapore.

What gigs are you all performing? 1 man company organizing 3rd rate gigs trying to earn a fast buck out of your fans. These little companies are always looking for volunteers. Wringing these little young suckers of their mini talents all in the name for passion and music. Wishful thinking you can get much out of it but you can't blame these enthusiasts, after all it is the energy and hopefulness of the young that cunning old organizers need. So far~ the sound system for most gigs sucked. Lighting sucked. Stage sucked. Awareness sucked. Crowd? Most of the crowd are just passers-by and ~ maybe 5-10 loyal fans which will eventually grow tired of your small time gigs and end up moving on to something greater. I know I know~ there are many great bands/ musicians out there and everyone has to start somewhere. TRUE. So what happened to all the promising talents that I've seen over the past decade? They woke up.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not giving up. I'm not hanging on. I'll still be doing my thing. Just trying to shed some light.

Do not blame the system, Do not blame the culture. Just listen to the materials and quality of the local musicians out there and you'll know what I'm talking about. It's just a pain to listen to these songs on the radio. Before you misinterpret what I'm sayin'. All I wanna say is Buck up! Stop having musical fantasies and slacking your ass off. Talk with your music rather than your mouth. Spend a little less time on retarded forums discussing shit and start putting your entire life into what you want. Stop trying to earn money just for your little pleasures that will throw you off track eventually. Focus and Fight like it is your life!!!!!!!

Sadly this fight is a lonely one.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hello I just wanted you to know. I Know.

I am unfortunately cursed with an extremely acute sense for bullshit. Trust me it sucks to see shit ever corner you look... It seems like whenever I turn my head I see shit. I identify it so easily that it's starting to take over my life. I struggle really hard to ignore them but it just gets more prominent everyday. It's like forced training. The more you realize the better you get at identifying it. There's this saying that dumb people have dumb luck. Which also means you live a happier carefree life. Free from crap. This is definitely not what I signed up for.

I tried to have a decent conversation with a fellow musician and he craps about how music is to be done and how talented people around him are. I guess he forgot that I too know those people and most of them happen to be slackers.

I went to a camera store down town and the salesman started shitting all over me. Even when my designer proposes his designs he shits all over meeting. All I'm saying is it really necessary to make up all these invisible crap?

Just like someone who keeps telling me he's broke but the next thing I know he goes for a holiday. Oh well~ His holiday was probably spooned by some friendless pedo that gave up his life's work for some badmouthing whore. Don't hate on me if it sounds like you. That only means my description is perfect.

So before you start talking to me, remember, I know you know that you know I know. Cut the crap and straight to the point.Tired of candy coating my words. Tired of being nice to undeserving people. But never tired of treating the sincere better.

All straight men are wolves. Hell with that! EVEN GAYS are wolves! Ever received a random message from a stranger online? " Hi just wanted to know you you're really pretty, and I've liked you for sometime already." How desperate can men be? Ok sometimes my profile pictures in FB can get a little misleading~ still! For the love of God! I'm a guy and please fucking do some research before you drop your little love letter. Point is every guy does this and yea I used to do that when I was a kid~ but thank God I've passed that needy phase. It's okay if you grow out of it. But to most...They're always just looking around for a cheap pray to fuck. Blunt as it is. Men are just out to fuck women. Like it or not. Sad or not. It is TRUE. Fuck Love at first sight. It's better described as Lust at first sight. For all you know, girls probably loved all the attention these guys are giving them. Vicious Cycle. Which brings me to the topic "Every girl needs attention". Shall not touch on the obvious. Shall end now before every word I use starts with a F and ends with a K.

Every human has a price.
Disagree or agree.
Eventually you'll know how much you're worth.

Sorry for a no holds barred post.
Be Straight forward or be gay forward.

Side note: I know how irritating certain music gets when it keeps playing over and over each time u visit my page. If it gets annoying feel free to drop me a msg and let me know which ones are getting on your nerves I'll remove it if i get too many complains. Yes... even if it's my own song. No offence. Promise!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

How much does your friendship cost?

Whenever someone tells me he/she is broke when we're already outside, are they expecting me to pay for their entertainment?  It might not be a large amount of money, it could be from $10 - $40 but just imagine if I did this for 10 times it would be $400. That's as good as buying them an air ticket to a 3rd world of their choice.  Never fails to make me wonder each time I had to chip in a little more just to get things moving.

But~ When there are free loaders roaming your circle there are also true friends that would do the same for you as you would do for them I refer to them as 'bros' since friends' is just a overused word or maybe I'm just looking to much into a simple friendship.

A good reason why I eventually made up my mind to open this blog is that putting my thoughts across on FB is rather difficult. It's hard to describe something or discuss about it without letting spam push your status down. They should have an archive system! How else am I able to view my birthday wishes a year ago without clicking on the load more button a thousand times. I believe some of you actually did that just to find a particular post. So here I am in my own personal space where I control what Is right or wrong.

Most people keep their blogs alive by spamming pictures of themselves, food and cosmetics. No wrong with that. Just tyring to point out the obvious.

I remember there were these few incidents related to my old blog in xanga. These few people actually thought I was talking about them and started making fuss out of it. Point is.  I DO NOT KNOW THEM! Crazy but who can blame them for being immature and oversensitive. Now we all know why people have disclaimers placed before anything else.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Back from space

Finally! Took me a whole day to get this blog up. It's not complete but I guess I'll take my time to construct as we go on.

For my first time readers, hi! My name is Kei. I am a creative director & musician based in Singapore.

( I know smoking is gross it's just a picture, get over it. )

You can read my old post here Please do not cut your wrist after reading it, some post can be quite depressing. As for my past readers. Welcome back!

In a blink of an eye 2 years has passed since I last seriously blogged. As my first official written post, I'll refrain from any bitchin' or rants. Let this be a casual shout out to my bros and close friends. "Friends as in those I hang out with and not those that only contact me when they have nothing better to do. Lol. Shall leave my comments on "friendship" for another day.

Last but not least~~~ my haters :) I can't thank you guys enough to stick by my side for the longest time. Being around through all my happiness surpassing the loyalty shown by some of my fans. Without you there wouldn't be me today. Hope you still continue your stalking, flaming and hating :)


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